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ScienceDirect 有獎徵答活動 – 生活與環境科學
展望 2020 年,科學研究將呈現什麼樣貌?人類在20世紀發明了計算機及史上第一隻複製哺乳類動物桃莉羊。21世紀研究的腳步走得越來越快,面對的科學挑戰也越來越艱深,一起到 ScienceDirect 來探索這些未知的科學吧!

請勿重複作答!全對者即可參加抽獎!本活動由 Elsevier 抽出得獎者,得獎名單於 2020/04/02(一)以電子郵件通知得獎者。

  • Elsevier 公司將於 04/02 (一) 前寄發電子郵件通知得獎者,請得獎者回覆確認郵寄住址和聯絡電話,以便快遞寄送及簽收獎項。
  • 得獎者接獲主辦單位電子郵件後,應於十四 (14) 個營業日內領取獎項,若得獎者未按時領取,主辦單位將另行抽取其他得獎者。
  • 獎項之送達將以快遞之簽收單為準:若得獎人、其同居家人、大樓管理人員或其他有權簽收之人簽收後,獎項遺失者,該獎項不予補發。


機構典藏系統109年2月發表論文 NEW!

Pan-Asian adapted ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines for the management of patients with intermediate and advanced/relapsed hepatocellular carcinoma: A TOS-ESMO initiative endorsed by CSCO, ISMPO, JSMO, KSMO, MOS and SSO.(IF 2018:14.196)
Highly efficient and tumor-selective nanoparticles for dual-targeted immunogene therapy against cancer.(IF 2018:12.804)
The preparation of cell-containing microbubble scaffolds to mimic alveoli structure as 3D drug screening system for lung cancer.(IF 2018:7.236)
Oligo-fucoidan prevents M2 macrophage differentiation and HCT116 tumor progression.(IF 2018:6.162)
Unique sulfur-aromatic interactions contribute to the binding of potent imidazothiazole indoleamine 2,3-Dioxygenase inhibitors.(IF 2018:6.054)

機構典藏系統109年1月發表論文 NEW!

Reduced translational efficiency of eukaryotic genes after duplication events.(IF 2018:14.797)
Development of cross-conjugated vinylogous [4+2] anionic annulation. application to the total synthesis of natural antibiotic (+/-)-ABX.(IF 2018:12.257)
Amplification-driven BCL6-suppressed cytostasis is mediated by transrepression of FOXO3 and post-translational modifications of FOXO3 in urinary bladder urothelial carcinoma.(IF 2018:8.063)
AR ubiquitination induced by the curcumin analog suppresses growth of temozolomide-resistant glioblastoma through disrupting GPX4-Mediated redox homeostasis.(IF 2018:7.793)
Mitochondrial oxidative stress by Lon-PYCR1 maintains an immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment that promotes cancer progression and metastasis.(IF 2018:6.508)

機構典藏系統108年12月發表論文 NEW!

Endothelial-mesenchymal transition harnesses HSP90alpha-secreting M2-macrophages to exacerbate pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma.(IF 2018:8.731)
Progerin in muscle leads to thermogenic and metabolic defects via impaired calcium homeostasis.(IF 2018:7.346)
ERK activation modulates cancer stemness and motility of a novel mouse oral squamous cell carcinoma cell line.(IF 2018:6.162)
Omics-based investigation of diet-induced obesity synergized with HBx, Src, and p53 mutation accelerating hepatocarcinogenesis in zebrafish model.(IF 2018:6.162)
Individualized home-based exercise and nutrition interventions improve frailty in older adults: A randomized controlled trial.(IF 2018:6.037)

1/15 借景喻心—林宣儀彩墨創作展

究竟地面上的景物才是真的? 還是水中的幻影是真的?


開幕茶會:2020年1月15日(三) 12:30~13:30 (現場備有茶水、點心)

院內同仁報名 (歡迎院外人士自由參加)

機構典藏系統108年11月發表論文 NEW!

Cancer-derived succinate promotes macrophage polarization and cancer metastasis via succinate receptor.(IF 2018:14.548)

Antibiotics evade endotoxin competition through a supramolecular trap for boosting anti-bacteremia activity.(IF 2018:12.257)

A multicenter, phase I/II trial of biweekly S-1, leucovorin, oxaliplatin and gemcitabine in metastatic pancreatic adenocarcinoma–TCOG T1211 study.(IF 2018:6.68)

Histone demethylase KDM4C stimulates the proliferation of prostate cancer cells via activation of AKT and c-Myc.(IF 2018:6.162)

Emodin inhibits EBV reactivation and represses NPC tumorigenesis.(IF 2018:6.162)

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